We'd like to introduce a few things we will discuss in more detail if you come in for a free consultation.
Please don't let all this preparation dissuade you or create stress.  We have handled many hundreds of bankruptcy cases and we will use our experience, dedication, and training to serve you. The information reviewed here is provided to introduce you to our services and go over some key points.
If you opt to retain Mansfield Law Corporation, you are in good hands.  We promise. Mansfield Law Corporation filed far more cases than any other law firm in 2016 and in 2017.  This gives us the experience to handle your case properly from start to finish. *

From January 1, 2016, through May 31, 2017 we filed 425 consumer bankruptcy cases. No other regional firm has filed even 200 in that same period.

In fact, we are proud that so many people needing bankruptcy assistance have selected our firm since January of 2015.

"Pro Se" filers are those who opt to do the paperwork themselves. We don't recommend it.

Before your free consultation, we'd like to go over some of the basics. *

Please know that bankruptcy fees must be paid in full before we are allowed by law to file your bankruptcy papers. *

During bankruptcy you must continue to make any loan payments on a debt secured by a car if you wish to keep the car. *

We will discuss whether you want to "reaffirm" a car loan.  To reaffirm a loan means you will keep the car as well as the debt after your bankruptcy.

Andrew Mansfield will recommend precisely those services that will most protect you and put you on the road to a fresh start. Fees and costs vary depending on whether you have real estate, cars, other vehicles, taxes, lawsuits, and liens.  There are other items that can affect your fees and costs. *

Legal services above and beyond the basic bankruptcy might be needed after you file. Many attorneys don't disclose this fact but surprise clients with a later request for additional payments.

We don't believe in surprising you. We will review those possible fees with you and discuss how to limit or avoid them. *

You will be presented with an itemized list of the fees and costs for each recommended service or expense that best serves and protects you. We believe we have more tools and research databases than anyone in the region (except, perhaps, the bankruptcy trustees). You can decline certain services but you must do so knowingly and waive any risks in writing. We will explain more.

We hope you don't decline any service, report, research, or fee associated with making sure your bankruptcy proceeds with no unexpected events. *

Please know that opting out of background, property, debt, lien, tax, and other services up front may cost you more in hourly or flat service fees after you file for bankruptcy. Unlike attorneys who falsely claim to be able to provide a "$899 bankruptcy" and then don't perform, don't appear with clients at hearings, and suprise clients with additional fees, we are all about transparency and honesty in pricing. *

Don't worry.  You will go over these options during your free initial consultation. You can choose the plan that is best for you. *

Andrew S. Mansfield has filed 1,048 bankruptcy cases since January 1, 2011. He has been practicing law since 1994. We promise to bring the same care, compassion, attention, and expertise to your case that has led so many others to trust our firm. We hope to soon turn to you for an online review when we live up to our word or exceed your expectations. *

We at Mansfield Law Corporation can handle your creditor calls, assist in reorganizing my financial life, and eliminate debt, stress, and worry.  We can design a financial solution. *

Thank you. We look forward to helping.